Hair Removal

Hair Removal

PRICE: $25 & Up

We provide a wide range of treatments to effectively remove unwanted hair in any part of the body for long lasting and satisfying results. We also provide the latest in electrolysis treatments for those who desire semi-permanent results to eradicate the need for waxing.

Our wide range of hair removal procedures include:

  • Waxing

We offer quality waxing services that utilizes the P.H.D. (professional, hygienic, and disposable) practice, which is considered to be a highly effective and hygienic system today. Unlike those seen in traditional waxing where hot wax is repeatedly applied on the same area (in some instances, shared other clients), the P.H.D. system guarantees that fresh wax is used from a sealed product. The application involves the use of a disposable and clean applicator.

This process ensures there’s little or no contamination involved while maintaining the quality of each wax for a smooth result.

  • Tweezing

This common method of hair removal is sued to thin out and shape the eyebrows. This ensures your eyes are opened while giving your face a much-needed definition.

Our salon utilizes traditional and advanced hair removal methods that guarantees a smooth finish every single time.

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