Eye Lashes

PRICE: $25 & Up

Our eyelash extension application process is comparable to that of a spa service: soothing and relaxing. You’ll be asked to lie down on a comfortable table with your eyes closed the entire time. Our beauty technician will start gluing a synthetic eyelash extension to one of your eyelashes via a medical-grade glue. By the time your natural eyelash sheds, the extension that came with it also fall out.

To keep a consistent and full eyelash appearance, we recommend you come back to use for a refill every few weeks. The initial set will last for over an hour. But refills can take quickly be accomplished in as little as half an hour.


Quality and Safe Adhesives

Our beauty technicians are limited to utilizing medical-grade adhesives for semi-permanent eyelash extensions. The medical-based derma-bond technology we’re using is the structure base of our eyelash extension adhesives. Each adhesive is made to function in sensitive body areas, like the eyes, to help minimize skin irritation.

Our sensitive adhesives are intended for delicate eyes areas. Each adhesive contains Cyanoacrylate to minimize the occurrences of irritation and fumes. Allergic reactions happen rarely and are often attributed to improper application of eyelash extension, inadequate home care, or allergens.


Excellent Service

The application of eyelash extensions requires an experienced and trained hand. A bad eyelash extension procedure is usually painful and can lead to long term damage to the eyelashes. Compared to other salons, our technicians have undergone months of training while strictly adhering to quality control standards and utilizing the best eyelash products available. The combined skilled staff and quality products will result to long lasting and natural appearance of your eyelashes.


Other Lash Services

If you feel you’re not ready for eyelash extensions, we can help tint and perm your eyes to achieve that curl which can last you for weeks. Or you can go for our synthetic lashes to look extra special in your night out.

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