Acrylic Nails

Acrylic Nails

PRICE: $25 & Up

Pamper yourself with one of our popular nail care services. We offer the right mix of nail treatments to pamper your hands and feet. With our trusted line of nail products, we bring the best in innovation and excitement in our acrylic nail service.


Revolutionary Nail Products

We have an impressive line of light-cured acrylic nail products to correct, seal, extend, and beautify your fingernail. Our acrylic nail system offers a modern alternative to traditional nail cosmetics, offering extensive and long lasting results.


A Multi-Step Process

The acrylic application is a multi-step procedure that frequently includes the preparation of your natural nails through cleaning, shaping, buffing, and cuticle work. Then the application of artificial tips are made (if needed) before acrylic is then applied on the top surface.

Our nail technician will begin by combining a certain acrylic liquid with powder. A brush is then dipped into the mixture before it’s directly applied to your nails. This often involves covering the whole nail (along with the tips). The mixture will harden on the nails as soon it gets exposed to air. You’ll notice an odor during the process of application, but this is never harmful, since our salon offers adequate ventilation.


Maintenance and Removal

After a period of time, the acrylics will grow out with your nails. This will involve you coming back to us to get your nails filled. This step will involve our nail technician filing down the acrylic edges near the nail bed. The empty areas between your nail bed and current acrylic nail are then filled.

If you’ve decied to completely remove the acrylics, our nail technician will remove them straightforward — without intrusive force or prying anything — after your hands are soaked for several minutes in nail polish remover.

We’re proud to announce that our acrylic nail polish products are safe and free from harmful chemicals.

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