gel vs. regular polish
Regular & Gel Nail Polish: What’s the Difference?

Regular Nail Polish

A manicure involving regular nail polish is basically an old fashion approach. The process would involve a manicurist buffing and shaping your nails. Then a base coat is applied followed by two layers of nail polish. Once both coats have completely dried, a clear top coat is then applied. It’s important to remember that certain nail polish brands are resistant to chip but not entirely chip-free.

Pros of a regular nail polish:

  • Ideal for anyone who wants to switch new nail polish colors every few days.
  • It’s easily removable.
  • Some brands are resistant to chip.

Cons of a regular nail polish:

  • Most brands are vulnerable to chipping.
  • It only lasts for a very short period of time.


Gel Nail Polish

A gel nail polish has a tendency to cure or polish when exposed to UV light. Sometimes, this form of nail polish is known from some of its popular brand names like Shellac or Color Gloss. The application of this nail polish involves the manicurist adding a gel base coat before it’s exposed under the UV lamp to set. A gel color is then added before it’s brought back under the UV lamp. Finally, a gel top coat is added where it’s then exposed under UV light for the last time.

Basically, a gel manicure has an average lifespan of a few week. There have been some instances where it could even go as long as a month. It’s essential the gel is properly removed and should never involve “picking it off.” Otherwise it could damage your nails and your nail artist wouldn’t be too happy to colour your nails the next time around.

If you’re thinking of getting your nails done again, removing the previous gel application is actually part of the process before a fresh gel polish color is applied.


Pros of a gel nail polish:

  • It lasts for several weeks.
  • It requires little maintenance.
  • Nail art is displayed longer.
  • It has a fantastic glossy appearance.
  • It protects the nail naturally, allowing for normal growth.
  • It strengthens the nails.


Cons of a gel nail polish

  • It costs a little bit higher.
  • It requires proper care (especially during the process of removal).


Nail Quality and Color Matters

Similar to that of a nice-looking scarf or a rare jewelry, your nail polish is an essential beauty and fashion accessory. Regardless if your nails are done in a salon or you use a nail polish from a nearby drug store, the secret to having the best manicure and pedicure is the nail polish being applied.

Since we’re living in an age where gratification is very much in-your-face, we expect plenty from the nail polish we choose. The kind of nail polish and color should speak to you, be it in the event you’ll be going to or the trend you intend to pursue.